Obiter.Ai is a Python library that can be installed with pip.

pip install obiter

Click through the links of the left to find documentation and demos for the library.

If you are interested in learning Python, I suggest beginning with Automate the Boring Stuff.


Interact with CanLii programmatically

CanLii allows access to case metadata through an API. This module simplifies the process of interacting the CanLii API. The library’s object is to reduce the friction for lawyers and law students who want to begin using computational research tools but are not yet confident coders.

Use the World Gender Name Dictionary (WGND) to assess gendered valances of names

The WGND is a tool that was originally developed to help historians of science measure women’s contributions to patents. This thin wrapper over the tool allows researchers to check millions of of names to see whether it has a consistent recorded gender valence.

Transcribe hearings

Coming soon.

Network analyses of citations

Coming soon.